You can run, but you can’t hide

When I wrote back in January that 2013 would be the Year of Privacy, never did I imagine that the topic would explode to include government spying. Whilst there might seem to be a tacit acceptance by users that their private data be mined for business benefit (the topic of my previous posts), the debate... Continue Reading →

Privacy (again)

Since I’ve written the previous post on Privacy, I’ve seen this topic come up often in the media. Here’s one from the New Yort Times of 3 March: “Web Privacy Becomes a Business Imperative”, where it shows how “Privacy is no longer just a regulatory headache. Increasingly, Internet companies are pushing each other to prove to... Continue Reading →

Mobile’s Revolution

It took some ten to 15 years for the Web to upend the way we communicate, socialise and do commerce. But it has taken only a few years for Mobile technology to radically disrupt the Web business in return. The very tech titans that have risen out of the web and have disrupted the traditional business... Continue Reading →

Privacy will be the big Topic of 2013

Usage of mobile devices is soaring. Engagement in social media is soaring. We are wittingly and unwittingly opening up our intimate lives to the public -- and commercial -- eye. There is no privacy in the internet. Cookies are now part of the vernacular and we are aware that as we visit web sites, and... Continue Reading →

Facebook Gifts

Will Facebook Gifts be successful? In another sign of the continuous morphing of companies in the digital age, Facebook launched a new pilot in the US for giving gifts, combining the physical with the virtual. Having bought Karma (a social-gifting company) a year ago, it is now integrated into Facebook. “Facebook Gifts” works by suggesting choices... Continue Reading →


There’s been an a huge uproar in the online space when Instagram updated their T&Cs in an alarming direction.   People thought that this allowed Instagram to sell their photos and their private data to brands to advertise on Instagram. Then there were the cynical ones who told off the others that they were too naive,... Continue Reading →

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