Cybersecurity of our Minds

“Fake News” is a red herring. The digital revolution has produced something more pernicious that is tearing at the very fabric of our society. Remember the “Dial-up Connection”? We have gone from “Always Connected” to “Always Trackable” to “Predictable” and finally to “Manipulable” in the space of 11 years. Think you have free will? Think again.

The Lost Art of Critical Thinking

We have never been more connected in the history of mankind. And yet, ironically, we have never been more polarised as a society, living in silos. Social media ignited a volatile cocktail of our innate human biases. In giving up our privacy we made a Faustian deal with GAFAM and we risk swapping our souls for the gain of “convenience”. But what have we lost in return?

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